Manage Templates#

Templates on the device can be found in /usr/share/remarkable/templates/, and are registered in /usr/share/remarkable/templates/templates.json.

Manually Installing a Template#

  1. If you have not done so already, install templatectl:

opkg install templatectl
  1. Copy the template file to the /opt/share/remarkable/templates folder. See Transferring Files for more information on how to copy files to the device.

  2. Use templatectl to register the template:

templatectl add \
  -n "Noso Cube Low Density" \
  -f "noso-cube-low.png" \
  -c "Custom" \
  -c "Grids"

Manually Removing a Template#

  1. Unregister the template with templatectl

templatectl remove --name "Noso Cube Low Density"
  1. Remove the template file from /opt/share/remarkable/templates

Installing a Template from Toltec#

Toltec contains templates that can be installed using opkg.

opkg install template-noso-grid

Removing a Template from Toltec#

Templates installed using opkg can be removed like any other package:

opkg remove template-noso-grid