Manage System Splash Screens#

System splash screens on the device be found in /usr/share/remarkable/. You can manually replace those files to use new splash screens. See Transferring Files for more information on how to copy files to the device.


Toltec contains the changescrn package, which provides a command line tool for managing system splash screens.

opkg install changescrn

Backing Up Existing System Splash Screens#

The following command will backup the existing system splash screens.

changescrn -b

The backed up files are stored to /opt/usr/share/backupscrns. This is done automatically when installing changescrn with toltec. Backing up a second time will overwrite the initial backup, so you should only do this if there is something wrong with your existing backup, and you know your current splash screens are stock.

Restoring System Splash Screens from Backup#

The following command will restore the system splash screens from /opt/usr/share/backupscrns.

changescrn -r all

If you’d like to restore a specific screen you can use the following command. You will need to replace <screen> with the name of the splash screen you wish to restore.

changescrn -r <screen>
# For Example
changescrn -r suspended

Changing a System Splash Screen#

The following command will change a system splash screen to the newly specified file:

changescrn -c <screen> <image-path>
# For Example
changescrn -c suspended my-file.png

See Transferring Files for more information on how to copy files to the device.

Changing a System Splash Screen to one in Toltec#

Toltec contains splash screens that can be installed using opkg.

opkg install splashscreen-suspended-barnsley_fern

Removing a Splash Screen from Toltec#

Splash screens installed using opkg can be removed like any other package:

opkg remove splashscreen-suspended-barnsley_fern