Picking a Launcher#

Launchers allow you to open and switch between applications. Without them there is no way to run third party applications from the user interface. You would have to SSH into your device to launch them every time you wanted to use them.

After Toltec you will need to install a launcher. Currently there are three launchers in toltec. Of which we only recommend two for use: Oxide and Remux.


Oxide is a desktop environment for your device.



  • Multitasking / Application switching.

  • Wifi management.

  • Optional system lockscreen.

  • Automatically suspend tablet after inactivity.

  • Pause backgrounded apps.

  • Homescreen for selecting applications.

  • Process manager.

  • Take, view, and manage screenshots.

  • Displaying notifications.

  • APIs that applications can use to interact with various portions of the environment.


opkg install oxide
systemctl disable --now xochitl launcher
systemctl enable --now tarnish


Remux is a launcher that does it’s best to stay out of your way.



  • Multitasking / Application switching

  • Automatically suspends tablet after inactivity.

  • Pauses backgrounded apps.

  • Ability to stop running applications.


opkg install remux
systemctl enable --now remux