Transferring Files#

⚠️ Try to keep your files inside /home/root ⚠️

The root partition is completely replaced on os upgrade, which means any modifications will be lost.

Because you have root access to the device, you can modify any system file you which. This does mean that you can soft-brick your device if you are not careful.

Since you have SSH Access to your device, there are various tools you can use to transfer files to and from the device. This is not the same as transferring documents to xochitl, as this is accessing the OS filesystem. This lets you modify system files. For example, you can use this to change templates and the suspend screen.

Command Line#


If you have OpenSSH installed, you can use scp from the command line to copy files to and from the device:

scp \
   ./file.txt \
scp \
   root@ \

You can also use sftp from the command line to copy files to and from the device:

echo put file.txt \
| sftp root@
echo get file.txt \
| sftp root@


If you are using PuTTY you can use pscp or psftp to transfer files instead.

GUI Tools#

If you would like to have a graphical user interface for transferring files, there are many options out there. Below are some recommendations that we have, but you are not limited to only using these options.

  • WinSCP is a very versatile SFTP/SCP client for windows that has drag and drop integration with the windows file explorer.

  • FileZilla is a sftp client that is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

  • Cyberduck is a SFTP client for MacOS and Windows.