Backing Up Your Data#

After connecting to your device, you may want to be able to make backups of your data in addition to, or instead of using the reMarkable cloud, or rmfakecloud.

Backing Up Your Documents#

Documents managed by the built in software (xochitl) are stored in /home/root/.local/share/remarkable/xochitl/ and you can use the following to back them up to your computer:

mkdir -p remarkable-backup/files
scp -r \
  root@remarkable:/home/root/.local/share/remarkable/xochitl/ \

Backing Up Your Configuration#

Xochitl’s configuration is stored in /home/root/.config/remarkable/xochitl.conf. This contains the root password in plain text, assuming you haven’t changed it on the device.

mkdir -p remarkable-backup
scp -r \
  root@remarkable:/home/root/.config/remarkable/xochitl.conf \

Backing Up Other Data#

The /home/root folder contains data that persists across system upgrades. Third party software may create other files here that you may be interested in backing up. Toltec is installed to the /home/root/.entware folder, which contains both installed packages, and user data. You may want to back up user data portions of this folder.

GUI Tools#

  • reMarkable Connection Utility is a paid tool to manage your reMarkable. This includes making backups of the device.

  • rMExplorer is a tool that allows you to transfer files to and from your device without needing the cloud. This allows you to backup your data.

  • reMarkable HyUtilities is a tool for managing templates, splashscreens, and backups of your device.


These solutions are only for backing up your data on the device, and are not full device backups. As the reMarkable is just a linux machine, there are various solutions out there for full device backups. These are largely not necessary though, as you can restore a stock OS image with system upgrades. If you only use toltec for third party software, you can reenable after an upgrade to reinstall your toltec packages.