Dualbooting the reMarkable#

⚠️ Before starting ⚠️

This guide requires SSH Access

Choosing the versions#

Before starting, you should know what versions to dualboot, depending on hat you want to do. For toltec, it is recommended to follow the toltec guide, while for rM hacks, you should read the table on their github repo.

Downgrading/Upgrading the OS#

For more information on how to install a specific OS version see Can I downgrade to a different OS version?.

Installing the switch service#

While this is already a dualboot, it is very impractical, as you need to use switch.sh every time.

FouzR/rM_dualboot handles setting up both partitions to automatically run switch.sh every time the device is rebooted.

Installing rM-hacks#

To install rm-hacks, follow the rm-hacks installation instructions. After this, you will need to make changes to ensure that it doesn’t get removed when you reboot into the other partition. There are two ways to handle this. The recommended way is to change the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variable. The other option would be to bind mount /home/root/.cache/remarkable/xochitl/qmlcache/ to a different location.

Editing the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH variable#

The QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH variable specifies the QML cache path of a Qt application. This caches the code that is used to generate the xochitl GUI and handle many of it’s interactions. When a version of xochitl is launched that does not match the current cache, it is removed and a new cache generated. This will wipe rm-hacks when dual booting, so we will need to setup a new location for the cache.

Setting it on toltec#

If you are running toltec on the second partition you can create an environment override for xochitl that will set the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH.

mkdir -p /home/root/.cache/qmlcache
cat > /opt/etc/xochitl.env.d/99-override-qmldir.env << EOF
export QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH="/home/root/.cache/qmlcache"

Setting it without toltec#

If you are not running toltec, you can override the xochitl QML_CACHE_PATH using systemd override files.

# Create overrides folder
mkdir /etc/systemd/system/xochitl.service.d
# Create override
cat > /etc/systemd/system/xochitl.service.d/override-qmlcache.conf << EOF
# Reload units
systemctl daemon-reload
# Restart xochitl

Using rmfakecloud#

The cloud must be configured on both partitions, as it will otherwise get disconnected at every reboot due to an invalid login token.