Changing the Device Timezone#

Custom applications depend upon the system timezone, which is not managed by xochitl.

Temporarily Changing the Timezone#

You can temporarily change the timezone by setting the $TZ environment variable. This will apply to any application you run with that environment variable set.


Permanently Changing the Timezone#

The timedatectl command line utility is used to change the current timezone of the device. You will need to replace <zone/subzone> With the identifier for your timezone, for example: US/Alaska, America/New_York, or UTC.

timedatectl set-timezone <zone/subzone>

Available Timezones#

The device does not come with the full set of timezones that timedatectl list-timezones lists. To see what timezones are available, you can inspect the /usr/share/zoneinfo folder. Toltec contains the full set of timezones that can be installed with the following command:

opkg install zoneinfo-utils
opkg install zoneinfo-all

After installing the full set of timezones, you can use timedatectl list-timezones to inspect the available timezones to select.