Picking A Toolchain#

When building applications, you’ll need a toolchain that allows you to cross compile for the device. There are several toolchains currently available.

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Official Toolchain#

reMarkable has provided, upon request, an official toolchain to the community. This toolchain is provided as-is to the community, and no official support is provided. The toolchain is meant to be installed on a linux machine.


Over time the community has requested, and been provided with newer versions of the toolchain. It’s always been provided as a self-extracting script.

  • Official 1.8 toolchain installer
    • OS version: 2.5 and lower

    • Mirror

    • sha256sum: 6299955721bcd9bef92a87ad3cfe4d31df8e2da95b0c4b2cdded4431aa6748b0

  • Official 2.1.3 toolchain installer
    • OS version: Unknown

    • Mirror

    • sha256sum: b44fef4e7c7abe1f6b08a1d3b552ee8122427ef85e7edea912a75a76edd910df

  • Official 3.1.2 toolchain installer
    • OS Version: 2.6 to 3.5

    • rM1:
    • rM2:
  • Official 3.1.15 toolchain installer
    • OS Version: 2.11 to 3.5

    • rM1:
    • rM2:
  • Official 4.0.177 toolchain installer
    • OS Version: and higher

    • rM1:
    • rM2:
  • Official 4.0.117-1 toolchain installer
    • OS Version: and higher

    • rM1:
    • rM2:

After the toolchain has been installed, you’ll need to source it to load the appropriate environment variables for it’s use.

$ source /opt/codex/rm11x/3.1.15/environment-setup-cortexa7hf-neon-remarkable-linux-gnueabi


If you are unable to develop on a linux machine, or would like to avoid installing the toolchain on your machine directly, you can use the unofficial docker toolchain images

$ docker pull eeems/remarkable-toolchain:3.1.15
$ docker pull eeems/remarkable-toolchain:latest

You will still need to source the toolchain when running scripts inside the container to make sure it’s loaded.

Toltec Toolchain#

Toltec provides it’s own toolchain in the form of docker images. These can be used manually, but they are indended to be used in conjunction with the toltecmk tool to generate a toltec package.

$ docker pull ghcr.io/toltec-dev/toolchain:latest

Nix Toolchain#

There is a nix toolchain available.

The zero-gravitas and zero-sugar platforms have been added to the nix upstream as well.